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February 01, 2011

Mark Wielaard: New GPG key. Finally created a new GPG key using gnupg. The old one was a DSA/1024 bits one and 8 years old. The new one is a RSA/2048 bits one. I will use the new one in the future to sign any release tarballs I might create. pub 2048R/57816A6A 2011-01-29 Key f...

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February 01, 2011

Andrew Hughes: [SECURITY] IcedTea6 1.7.8, 1.8.5, 1.9.5 Released!. We are pleased to announce a new set of security releases, IcedTea6 1.7.8, IcedTea6 1.8.5 and IcedTea6 1.9.5. This update contains the following security updates: The IcedTea project provides a harness to build the source code from OpenJDK6 u...

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Ruby Screenshot of the Week #6

I just realized last night that the session slides for my Java One talk are due today! So I did a marathon session, starting at 6am this morning, putting it all together. I just submitted the slides, with a whole 4 minutes to spare before the midnight deadline. That's 18 hours straight with just a short dinner break. Phew. So I'm going to cheat for this week's Ruby screenshot. Take a look at the following picture; it shows two new NetBeans 6 features applied to Ruby: Local editing file history (with version diffing), and the brand new diff view. I've long thought that the Mac OSX XCode filemerging window reigned supreme, but with the new smooth spline curves and even character diffing within lines, I have a new favorite! This file is not under version control - the local file history feature tracks local edits and lets you diff auto-saved versions. Full size I know this is cheating since all I did was bring up a Ruby editor on non-Ruby related functionality. But there have actually been some great improvements in the Ruby support in the last week. First, the Ruby debugger support has landed! Second, native Ruby execution should now be working finally on Unix, including with Rails. There are some other changes too (plus some pending one I'm about to check in). Check the wiki for installation instructions - to get fast debugging you'll need to perform some manual steps. ...

Date: March, 21 2007

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